XiongMing Precision Machinery has the abundant experience and outstanding technology, We are possessed of the excellent equipments for manufacturing and inspecting and measuring. Therefore our products can meet the requirements of the users in respect of high rotation, low noise, light vibration and long service life.Including the Hirth End-toothed disc Disc and the End-toothed Disc with the Circular-arc, the Pinion with curvic coupling, the Impeller with the curvic coupling, the Precision Helical Gear, the Pinion, the Rack, the Gear Ring, and so on, these products have long ago been used in the top end domain of the gas turbine, the centrifugal compressor, aero turbine engine, and the aviation, the space flight, the energy, the ship and the rail locomotive.

   In order to upgrade domestic industrial equipments and On the basis of giving full consideration to the raw materials and heat treatment, we devote to standardization and massive production of the products. Doing so not only reduces the production cost greatly, but also saves procurement expenses for our users, shortens the time of delivery.